5 key checks of any good asbestos register

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5 key checks of any good asbestos register


Posted by Salma Crisp

An asbestos register could possibly hold hundreds or thousands of risk assessments and it is not unusual for one property to have a number of suspect material assessments. These assessments will provide information about the suspect material its location, condition, surface treatment and possibly a whole host of other information. There are a few key data fields that are however essential to the good management of asbestos risk.

1. All sample reference ID’s should be unique to ensure that records can be properly tracked, checked and updated. Ideally the reference should have a means of relating back to the property it was taken from and be sequenced with other samples at the property.

2. Every risk assessment should provide a two-part assessment. The first part is the material risk assessment which looks at the product type, condition, possible asbestos type and any surface treatment. The second part is a priority assessment which looks at the likelihood of the material being damaged or disturbed and the likelihood that this may impact on an occupant.

3. Every risk assessment should give you a risk assessment score and factor. The score is calculated from the material risk assessment and the priority assessment and depending on the score it will give you the risk factor which ranges from very high to low.

4. Every positive or presumed risk assessment should be supported by photographic evidence and a location sketch. These are essential when it comes to the monitoring of condition and without them monitoring becomes a logistical nightmare.

5. Every risk assessment in the register should be provided with a next review date. Continual monitoring of asbestos is essential to ensure that the continued risk associated with that material is minimised and managed.

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