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Property Tectonics in the Workplace

Property Tectonics provides support for a number of customers in managing health and safety in the workplace. The company is CHAS accredited and has the staff expertise in the field and experience in giving the reassurance customers need in implementing good practice which is compliant and in accordance with published guidance and approved codes of practice.

The Facilities team at pt use directly employed staff to routinely undertake compliance surveys such as fire risk assessments, asbestos surveys, radon surveys, water risk and legionella assessments and Access audits etc. Property Tectonics also appoints and manages approved contractors to undertake routine fire alarm testing, emergency light testing, portable appliance testing, periodic electrical installation certification (fixed wire testing), automatic door servicing, passenger and platform lift servicing, air conditioning servicing, Gas compliance, radon remediation equipment servicing, water cooler sanitisation, etc.

The data collected during the surveys and the scheduling of contractor routine maintenance visits are managed centrally through ptís asset management database. The database has a bring-up system which notifies pt staff when inspections and workplace checks are required after which the database is updated; customers are able to track progress at any given time or location.

Property Tectonics, Helpdesk Manager, Justin Mole states "The bespoke health and safety modules which have been developed and incorporated into the asset management database such as asbestos sampling & management, radon sampling & management, water hygiene and routine maintenance have been a key factor in successfully managing customer health and safety requirements and ensuring compliance across a huge number of important areas."

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