Condition Improvement Fund Success!

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Condition Improvement Fund Success!

The Department of Education has published the C.I.F  (condition improvement fund) 2019 to 2020 outcome. This will provide funding to the tune of £433 million for 1,413 projects, covering 1,210 academy schools and sixth form colleges.

We have been successful in securing almost £500k for three academy schools, Ridgeway Academy, Sandringham School and St Albans Girls School. Ian Haywood, who has had a long standing relationship with these schools said ‘It’s another great achievement for both pt and the schools.’

With this C.I.F. funding one school will make roof improvements whilst the other 2 will utilise their funding to make improvements to their fire safety precautions. The Government funding is a great opportunity to maintain and improve the condition and safety measures in schools.

The full list of projects can be found here – CIF Outcomes