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Greene King

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May 2013 - Ongoing


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Greene King

Property Tectonics are working with Greene King Bury St Edmonds on the asset management for their large collection of pubs and restaurants around the country.

Greene King are a successful pub and restaurant chain throughout the UK that we have been working closely with since May 2013 to develop compliance best practices throughout property portfolio, delivering safe environments during tenant changes. In May 2014 we were instructed to oversee the entire Fire Risk Assessment review and remedial works approval process of the Greene King managed estate and some Pub Partner sites. This comprised of a full contractor administrative process including quote selection, quote approval, contractor liaison, coordinating contractors, meeting contractors on site prior to works commencing when necessary. Once the contractor had confirmed completion of the remedial works a full site inspection of the completed work was carried out by a pt surveyor. This was a 100% site audit inspection across the Greene King appointed estate.

The entire FRA process was given a 16week timeline with specific timescales in between and designed to meet the dates as specified in the Fire Safe Solutions priority ratings report for high, medium and low works of the FRA report. Any works determined as incomplete following a Pt inspection required further coordination to ensure contractors returned to complete the work within the agreed timescales. In 2016/17, the FRA site inspections also extended to certain sites in Scotland.

In addition to the above contract Property Tectonics also currently oversee and manage the ‘Safe Start’ process for all Pub Partners sites across the Greene King Estate.

In 2016, Property Tectonics pt were commissioned to undertake a strategic building survey of 100+ public houses which had been acquired by Greene King. The aim of the surveys was to identify any major health & safety and financial risks across the estate to enable Greene King to target these any issues promptly. The survey information was captured using pt Lifespan Commercial software on handheld tablets, this information was uploaded and contained in our Lifespan Commercial database which provides an overview dashboard of the estate and allows the user to filter, search and run reports as necessary.