Happy Customers All Round Bradford Royal Infirmary, as the Women’s & New Born Unit Refurbishment is Handed Over

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Happy Customers All Round Bradford Royal Infirmary, as the Women’s & New Born Unit Refurbishment is Handed Over

We are pleased to announce that the refurbishment of the Women’s and New Born Unit for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Royal has now been completed and handed over to a very happy team of hospital staff.

Property Tectonics was commissioned in January 2016 to act as Lead Consultant, Designer and Principal Designer for a major external cladding refurbishment of the existing 5 storey, Women’s and New Born Unit. Following our initial defect investigation report, the Trust required a comprehensive refurbishment to remedy the current issues affecting the property.

The refit included new cladding to all faces of the five-storey building, new and better insulated windows and refurbishment of the roof. The exciting cladding proposals, using a mixture of bold colours, were chosen by the staff at the Trust and this work gives the major landmarks a welcome facelift.

The work addresses issues with heat loss, draughts, noise and leaks, allowing the hospital to conserve energy and cut costs.

The project was incredibly sensitive due to the nature of the services offered within the building and the requirement to maintain them throughout the duration of the construction works.

Shane Embleton, Programme Manager at the Trust said “Many congratulations to all involved in this project. It’s been a long journey to get here and I’m absolutely delighted with the way the building now looks and performs”

Richard Rhodes-Heaton received a personal message from Paul Featherstone, Director of Estates & Facilities who said “You have clearly done an excellent job project managing this one through to a hugely successful completion.”

This has been a complex project especially given the difficulties associated with external cladding following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower. The work went ahead after detailed scrutiny from many stakeholders including NHS Improvement (the regulator) which was satisfied that the proposed design was absolutely safe and fit for purpose; well done pt & Bradford Estates combined team.