Lifespan launches eCount

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Lifespan launches eCount

eCount an innovative new web based tool which can provide building user’s with a snap shot of how efficiently they operate their building; eCount achieves this by guiding you through a visual journey of energy reduction and carbon emissions.

The software is based on the tried and tested government approved software and has already been used by a number of satisfied customers who have found it easy to use and extremely informative.

Key Benefits
Increases user awareness by providing a simple easy to understand energy benchmark rating for each building
Provides a comprehensive annual analysis of improvements and achieved by staff and managers
Allows organisations to compare the efficiency of their buildings in different ways for example, by region, manager, head count, archetype etc.
eCount can be used to develop energy reduction strategies to achieve grade improvements and reduction in carbon.
Provides managers with national, regional and specific data on energy usage, cost and co2 emissions to target improvements and help engage staff.
Provides the fundamental building sampling methodology and analysis which complies with the new 2015 mandatory Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme.

eCount assessors must be Display Energy Certificate (DEC) qualified which allows eCount data to be simply and easily transferred to a compliant DEC using the Lifespan integrated energy software system.

Evidences Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies to report on carbon measurement such as Co2 per square metre floor area or head count etc.

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