Honesty, integrity & professionalism

Property Tectonics is a company which takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. We have developed and introduced a range of modern employer, community and involvement programmes across the business.

Responsibility to our customers

Property Tectonics aims to win customers by providing professional services of high quality. To enable us to do this we aim to:

  • Make certain that all our services associated with the business are of a strict quality that accords with and aims to enhance their market position;
  • Develop and maximise our use of and accessibility to technology for the benefit of our customers;
  • Ensure that the quality of our services meets the requirements stipulated by the appropriate regulatory bodies as well as all legal requirements;
  • Compete fairly and ethically and within the framework of applicable competition laws.
  • Nurture long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers

Responsibility to Shareholders

To enable Property Tectonics to achieve its objectives of maximising shareholder value, we must ensure the highest possible standards of financial management, assessment of risk and control. We do this by:

  • Preparing detailed financial plans and setting clear performance targets and KPI’s;
  • Challenging plans and targets and monitoring progress against them;
  • Establishing detailed financial procedures including authorisation of revenue and capital expenditure;
  • Maintaining a comprehensive system of internal and external audit with efficient control processes;
  • Producing financial reports that adequately reflect and record all transactions that have been undertaken;
  • Ensuring that all proposed investments are fully evaluated and approved at the appropriate level; and monitoring ongoing performance;
  • Taking decisions on tax, finance and accounting issues to optimise the group position.

Responsibility to Employees

Property Tectonics seeks to create an environment which attracts and retains employees of high calibre and in which employees will feel valued for their contribution to the company’s performance. We achieve this through:

  • Implementing and observing codes of conduct which are designed to protect employees from harassment or discrimination in any form and to provide equality of opportunity;
  • Ensure that employees are fully aware of such codes and that they comply with them;
  • Operate a remuneration policy that is competitive and rewards good performance;
  • Ensure that all employees know what is expected of them in their job and are able to measure performance;
  • Provide a framework which will assist employees to develop their capabilities;
  • Provide a safe work environment for its employees and ensure that employees fully understand their own responsibility as regards health and safety matters;
  • Aim to develop policies that will support employees in balancing their work and domestic responsibilities;
  • Encourage all employees to adhere to the company ethos of being good citizens within the firm, within the marketplace and within the community.