Sandringham School
Sandringham School

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February 2013 – April 2014


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Sandringham School


This project comprised the provision of a new 1500m2 multi-use Sports Hall facility to an existing secondary school within Hertfordshire. pt was appointed as Lead Consultant for the project, having full design and project management duties in respect of the delivery of the new Sports Hall Facility.

The new Sports Hall facility was to be provided to the rear of the school to the existing sports field.  The school was in a designated ‘green belt’ area and, therefore, at the inception of the project we knew that there were going to be issues and difficulties with securing planning permission related to concerns over building on the ‘green belt’ and also the reduction in school playing field facilities.

In order to overcome the problems identified above, we entered into early engagement with both the local Planning Authority and “Sport England” in order to demonstrate the long-term community benefits of the scheme and also to demonstrate that even with the provision of the new sports facility, the school playing area was not adversely affected with the provision of adequate sports pitches, etc maintained.