Sending sensitive information the secure way

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Sending sensitive information the secure way

Every now and then sensitive information needs to be sent by email. The way we send this information is by using Egress.

Egress encrypts the data being transferred so it is ideal for the transfer of sensitive information (e.g. no need to password protect excel sheets anymore). This would be an absolute must for anything that includes tenant details but for some customers might be compulsory for all data transferred over email. The other benefit of Egress is that it allows for the transfer of large attachments on email (up to 50MB). Most mail boxes would not permit this size of file but because the data is downloaded via egress, large datasets can be sent. This means that we can still send customer data securely on email via egress.

Downloading this information is easy. When you receive your first email from Egress, all you have to do is click on the link, fill out a quick registration form, verify your email address and then its complete. To open any future emails from egress all you will need to do is log in.

If you would like further information on Egress you can visit their website or you can contact us.