Sponsors of the Energy Efficiency Awards 2019

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Sponsors of the Energy Efficiency Awards 2019

Property Tectonics are proud to be sponsoring awards at the 2019 North West and National Energy Efficiency Awards.

In May we will be sponsoring the 2019 Regional Council or Local Authority Body of the Year Award at the North West event. This rewards one exceptional council, in each of the 11 Regional areas around the UK, that has shown a true commitment to promoting energy efficiency within their region. It recognises the efforts of that council and seeks to thank them for their service to their local community.

In September at the National Awards, Property Tectonics will be sponsoring the National Vulnerable Customer Support Campaigner of the Year award. The winner of the award will demonstrate that they are actively engaged in addressing the issue of Fuel Poverty or Vulnerable Customer Support in the UK.

The Energy Efficiency Awards were launched in July 2015 following the changes in Government Energy Efficiency Policy. Previously known as the Green Deal & ECO Awards, these awards were set up in 2014 to help motivate the energy efficiency sector in their delivery of the Green Deal Finance Initiative and Energy Company Obligation Scheme.

The Energy Efficiency measures introduced by the Government following the Energy Act 2013, included the Energy Company Obligations (ECO) Scheme, the Green Deal Finance Initiative, and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). These measures together help homeowners reduce their energy bills, tackle fuel poverty and reduce Carbon emissions.

The aim of the Energy Efficiency Awards is to provide public recognition for the excellent work the Energy Efficiency sector is doing in implementing these, and other, energy efficiency schemes. And to help encourage best practice within the Energy Industry as it, works to improve UK housing stock.

For more information on the awards please click here