how we work

We pride ourselves on a professional yet personal approach. With roots in Salford we’re inherently straight-talking with a no-nonsense approach, but we’re friendly and proactively working hard to develop close partnerships with all our customers with a stated aim to delight them. We believe that the many long term relationships we’ve built, some spanning three decades, bears this out.

how we work

The versatility and nimbleness of Property Tectonics is recognised across its customer base. Our ability to skill up and resource quickly without compromising quality has led the business into different and challenging areas of work. Our legacy speaks for itself and the range is enormous, examples include running Britannia and Cheshire Building Society’s estate for many years; delivering Hutchinson Telecommunications Orange network in the North West; rolling out Dixon’s Stores Groups’ expanding Curry’s, PC World and ‘The Link’ mobile phone network; delivering 13,000 house condition surveys for the Ministry of Defence; surveying Universities, Schools, Hospitals and every doctor's surgery in Wales. We have designed new teaching blocks, and delivered millions of pounds of improvement works to hospitals, homes, offices, schools, universities, shops and leisure buildings.

Sustainability has become an important area of business, building on pt’s energy efficiency and conservation work. We are providing IT and compliance support to Utility companies and installers in delivering Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funded energy efficiency works; pt provided management support for Arbed II in South Wales delivering improvements to 2000 homes.

Our terms of business are flexible, and we work within a fee structure which is commensurate with our standards, is affordable and delivers real added value. Our approach is about delivering complete solutions for a fair price.

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sava and homelife

Sava - the leaders in calculation, analysis and improvement planning software for housing, has partnered with Homelife - the leading retrofit software delivery system, to provide a fully integrated solution to manage PAS2035 projects from strategy through to completion.

Whole House Surveys, EPCs and Stock Condition Surveys Project

This is a perfect example of the multidisciplinary nature of the professional services and software products we provide for our customers.

PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment Template Update!

For those customers using the Lifespan mobile app to collect your Fire Risk Assessment data, it is imperative that you upload all of the existing assessments you have undertaken before Monday 5th February 2024.

fire door data collection: lifespan fire door data collection toolkit

Fire safety is a critical aspect of building management and safety, with continual changes to requirements.