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Lifespan Projects is a cloud-based software tool which provides a comprehensive collaborative management tool to enable projects to be managed effectively no matter how complicated the process might be.

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The basic structure of Projects is derived from the need to manage process based on time, work requirements (stages, tasks and subtasks). Each stage, task and subtask have people allocated to them whilst providing communication between each of the team players via on-line sharing of information, collaborative working and email. Each stage, task and subtask has headline budget and costs tracking and measurement capabilities together with bespoke widgets to enable task managers to have the required dashboard view. The system has a complex system of access permissions to ensure that people get access directly to what they need to contribute, control or view.  

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sava and homelife

Sava - the leaders in calculation, analysis and improvement planning software for housing, has partnered with Homelife - the leading retrofit software delivery system, to provide a fully integrated solution to manage PAS2035 projects from strategy through to completion.

Whole House Surveys, EPCs and Stock Condition Surveys Project

This is a perfect example of the multidisciplinary nature of the professional services and software products we provide for our customers.

PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment Template Update!

For those customers using the Lifespan mobile app to collect your Fire Risk Assessment data, it is imperative that you upload all of the existing assessments you have undertaken before Monday 5th February 2024.

fire door data collection: lifespan fire door data collection toolkit

Fire safety is a critical aspect of building management and safety, with continual changes to requirements.