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Our Asset Management Software, marketed under the Lifespan brand, was initially developed over twenty-five years ago specifically for the housing sector. It is now used by a wide variety of predominantly social housing providers from large organisations with over 60,000 homes to smaller providers with less than 1,000. Lifespan Housing is all about ensuring safe, comfortable homes for your residents. Trusted by many social housing providers managing over a million homes across the UK.

lifespan housing

Lifespan Housing has been helping social housing providers give the best homes possible to their residents through accurate, reliable asset information for over thirty years. Through the combined expertise in the built environment and software development we have created a tool to manage and take care of your built assets.

Lifespan Housing provides comprehensive management information and analysis tools on costs through time and includes asset information on each home. Everything comes as standard with no third party software.

at a glance

• Asbestos
• Fire Risk Assessments
• Gas and Electrical Appliances and servicing
• Water Safety
• Radon

• Decent Homes

• Government Approved RdSAP
• Eco Homes XB

• Asset Liability Register
• Component Cost Accounting

• Stock Profile
• Asset Register
• Calendar
• Notifications
• Property Attributes
• Property address
• Planned Maintenance
• Cyclical Maintenance
• Report Design
• Bulk Import/Export facility
• API plug ins
• Documents
• Photos



the finer details

Lifespan software allows comprehensive property data, mainly from stock condition surveys, to be added, analysed and interrogated at every query level providing reports on individual properties, groups and entire portfolios. The management information within the system is essential to delivering a property investment strategy and forms the backbone of forward and tactical planning for any housing organisation; it is also fundamental in ensuring money is spent wisely and in demonstrating this to government and other regulatory bodies.

The system allows for the property structure and classifications to be designed by the customer to suit their requirements with an unlimited number of hierarchies or groupings. So the system can be designed to account for tenure type, sector, geographic grouping, managing agents and any number of other groupings that may apply or be required as well as the traditional dwelling, block, estate, and ward levels. The core data set stores property information for all the customers’ assets, for example:

• Houses
• Flats
• Blocks
• Estates
• Garages
• Any other asset, which can be defined and configured by the customer.

Integrating Lifespan Software Products
(Additional Licences required)

Management +
• Lifespan Projects
• Lifespan Mobile Data Collection

Wellbeing +
• Householder Information Module (Resident Engagement)

Governance +
• Property Performance Tool
• (Stock Modelling/NPV/Yield/ Social Value)

Energy +
• Lifespan Carbon in Homes
• PAS 2035 Software

Lifespan Housing was designed by Building Surveyors and IT experts to speed up and simplify data collection - our own Building Surveyors use the application every day. Much of this data collection is carried out on-site so we developed Lifespan Mobile for tablets running on both Apple iOS and Android platforms.

The tablet doesn’t need to be constantly connected to the internet as it Syncs with the website only when uploading and downloading data. The synchronisation of data can be undertaken whenever the device has an internet connection; data transfer is speedy and reliable.

Lifespan Mobile reduces the burden of higher cost data packages for the customer and reduces the risk of disrupted on-site data collection due to poor signal strength. The application has a responsive user interface which has been designed so that there is no ‘pinch’ screen resizing for zooming in and out. The application can run on any Android device that has a suitable screen resolution and a rear facing camera for taking and attaching photos, giving customers a wide range of devices to choose from.

from the journal

sava and homelife

Sava - the leaders in calculation, analysis and improvement planning software for housing, has partnered with Homelife - the leading retrofit software delivery system, to provide a fully integrated solution to manage PAS2035 projects from strategy through to completion.

Whole House Surveys, EPCs and Stock Condition Surveys Project

This is a perfect example of the multidisciplinary nature of the professional services and software products we provide for our customers.

PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment Template Update!

For those customers using the Lifespan mobile app to collect your Fire Risk Assessment data, it is imperative that you upload all of the existing assessments you have undertaken before Monday 5th February 2024.

fire door data collection: lifespan fire door data collection toolkit

Fire safety is a critical aspect of building management and safety, with continual changes to requirements.