salford university

Project Value: £2k
Contract Period: June 2016
Consultant: Professional Services North
Client: Salford University
Sector: Education

salford university

BIM – Building Information Modelling – is often used in the design, planning and management of new-build developments.

Its use in historic buildings is complicated by the complexity of structures, decorative elements, and non-standard design.

Through a project funded by the British Council, Property Tectonics and Salford University created a detailed BIM of Joules House in Salford, the former home of scientist James Prescott Joule.

Joule – who later had an international standard unit of energy named after him – was born in the building and conducted his ground- breaking experiments into heat in its basement. His work resulted in the first law of thermodynamics. The house is now used as part of the University’s Energy Hub.

BIM helps create a 3D model of a building which provides information about every component, making it possible to access that information and help with planning, design and management.

The Grade II listed building will be detailed in a model that will help predict how it might cope with various future challenges, such as climate change, and also project how people inside the building would experience those changes."