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IT-driven, multi-disciplinary,  integrated professional expertise and software solutions in the management of the built environment

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energy & environmental

domestic EPCs, commercial EPCs, carbon footprints, ECO funding & compliance, waste management


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Party walls, rights to light, boundary matters, landlord


building surveys

condition surveys, acquisition works, statutory compliance, fire safety compliance, asbestos compliance, water hygiene compliance


architecture, design &
project management

contract administration, cost management, CDM, principle designer, client agent


building maintenance
& facilities management

asset surveys, building defects, space planning


Lifespan Software Overview

our professional services are delivered using our own asset management software system Lifespan, to find out more click:


our services

Property Tectonics has been in business for over 30 years and continues to be a significant local and national player, providing professional services in construction and property from its Manchester and Hatfield offices to customers in virtually every market sector. The company started in 1987 by Trevor Mole, is multi-disciplinary delivering a wide range of innovative and creative services in architecture, surveying, asset services, compliance and software solutions. The company has developed two distinct, but complementary, strands to its business, namely, Construction & Property Consulting and Lifespan Software.

The Building Surveying roots of the company provide refurbishment, improvement, maintenance and management of existing buildings emphasis within the business, but the importance of good design is stressed whether the project is a new build or retrofit. 

Property Tectonics IT software is marketed under its ‘Lifespan’ brand and this supports its consulting activities by providing associated and leading-edge IT tools. Lifespan Housing has been a leading asset management system (AMS) in the social housing sector for many years and this has expanded into an impressive range of other Lifespan software products in project and energy management including Government approved RdSAP, SBEM and DEC energy assessment software.

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Lifespan Water Safety Module. New User Interface views have landed.  

The Lifespan team are continuing to release improved screen layouts and new features to support users in their day-to-day use of Lifespan Housing. The latest module to get a facelift is Water Safety.

lifespan software to move integrated payment tools to stripe

lifespan software will be moving integrated payment tools to the stripe platform which allows credit cards, debit cards, and popular payment methods around the world - all with a single integration.

procurepublic framework: contract administration and project managers

Property Tectonics (pt) are delighted to have been accepted onto the new ProcurePublic framework as Contract Administration and Project Managers

procurepublic framework: building and stock condition surveyors

Property Tectonics are delighted to have been accepted onto the new ProcurePublic framework as Building and Stock Condition Surveyors.