e.on energy solutions

Project Value:
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Consultant: Professional Services North
Client: E.ON Energy Solutions
Sector: Housing

e.on energy solutions

Having built up an excellent reputation and working relationship with E.ON during the delivery of an ECO funding project for Arbed II, we were commissioned to support them with professional services and IT in the delivery of ECO projects throughout the UK within an extant contract.

The services required were in response to Ofgem’s compliance requirements including PAS2030 2017 and requirements relating to EEM (whole house) Pre-design surveys, EEM designs and compliance coordination and delivery.

Having demonstrated that we had the right skill sets and software solutions, including our Government approved Lifespan RdSAP energy  software, we set about creating an efficient, high quality and creative approach for E.ON. Property Tectonics delivered a unique service via E.ON to its customers and installers, many of whom were struggling to  meet Ofgem and the new PAS 2030 compliance requirements.

The service is in four separate, but fully integrated workstreams, which

• Professional Support, EEM (Energy Efficiency Measures)
• Pre-design surveys
• EEM designs
• Compliance

The fifth element is our Lifespan software which is used throughout the process to improve data collection, storage, file and document management, reporting and analysis. The system, developed by ourselves, reduces costs, improves efficiency, delivers accuracy and, perhaps most importantly, improves working relationships, communication and collaboration across all the stakeholders.