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procurepublic framework: building and stock condition surveyors

Property Tectonics are delighted to have been accepted onto the new ProcurePublic framework as Building and Stock Condition Surveyors.


28th November 2023


David McTear BSc, MRICS

procurepublic framework: building and stock condition surveyors

The ProcurePublic website is a platform for public sector clients looking for building and stock condition surveys and related services.

“This opportunity validates our expertise in this area and reflects our commitment to providing the highest levels of service in building and stock condition surveying.“

David McTear, Director, Property Tectonics.

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Being part of this framework means that pt will have the privilege to collaborate with a diverse network of like-minded professionals and organisations. As an approved supplier, pt will provide expert guidance on building and stock condition surveying, and organisations will be able to review our expertise, qualifications and successful projects.

Our Role as Building and Stock Condition Surveyors:

As building and stock condition surveyors, pt are highly skilled with extensive knowledge of assessing the condition and performance of buildings and infrastructure. Providing detailed reports and valuable insights to support strategic decision-making and asset management.

pt recognise that understanding the condition of buildings and stock is essential for effective long-term planning. Conducting thorough assessments, identifying maintenance and repair needs, evaluating energy efficiency, and provide recommendations to optimise asset planning and budget allocation.

pt ensure that buildings and stock meet all necessary regulatory requirements, including health and safety standards, accessibility guidelines, and environmental sustainability criteria.

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