frequently asked questions

What is a stock condition survey?
A ‘Stock Condition Survey’ is an inspection of the inside and outside of your home. These help the council or your housing association to assess the age and condition of each building element, so they can plan possible future improvements.

Why are we doing stock condition surveys?
A stock condition survey helps the council or housing association to comply with the Government’s ‘Decent Home Standard’. It helps ensure all homes are safe and maintained to the decent standard.

What will the surveyor do whilst at my property?
The surveyor will walk around the inside and outside of your property reporting on the condition of certain components i.e. kitchen, bathroom, doors, windows, walls, heating etc. They are also looking for Health and Safety issues, like damp and mould. They will take photographs of all of these items. Our surveyors will not photograph any personal or non-survey related item. Our surveyors know they must respect personal property and would not normally move furniture, fittings or carpets and if required to do so would request specific permission and ask the resident to be present.

Does the surveyor need access to every room?
We do ask that the surveyor is given access to every room in the property so they can provide a complete assessment of your home. Without this access, it could be possible that some maintenance requirements will not be reported.

How long will the survey take?
Surveys can take between 20 and 45minutes depending on the size of the property.

How many surveyors will attend the appointment?
Only 1 surveyor will be attending. The surveyor’s name can be found on the first page of your appointment letter.

Do I have to be present for the appointment?
Anyone can be present in the property when the surveyor attends as long as they over the age of 18. We do not require the resident named on the tenancy agreement to be present.

Where does my information go once it has been collected by the surveyor?
Once the survey is complete, the data and photographs are sent back to the council or housing association for review. They will then plan the future maintenance of your home and arrange for any urgent repairs to be carried out.

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