Whole House Surveys, EPCs and Stock Condition Surveys Project

This is a perfect example of the multidisciplinary nature of the professional services and software products we provide for our customers.


14th February 2024


David Mc Tear

Whole House Surveys, EPCs and Stock Condition Surveys Project 

We are delighted to announce that we will shortly commence work on a large-scale project undertaking over 600 Retrofit Assessments (RA), together with EPCs and Stock Condition Surveys (SCS), on a sample of 1,400 properties owned by Linc Cymru Housing Association. The procurement of the project has been facilitated through Bloom Procurement Services.

This project is a perfect example of the multidisciplinary nature of our software products and professional services at pt. Our Professional Services team, led by David McTear, will be onsite collecting data and utilising our surveyor-developed software – Lifespan Software.

The RA, EPC and SCS data can all be collected using Lifespan Mobile/ Homelife software; our mobile apps are ‘native’ to the device, meaning that the data collected is stored on the device and can either be uploaded via a mobile 3/4/5G connection or when connected to Wi-Fi in the office or when back at home. Our software comes equipped with government-approved RdSAP software as standard. Following the validation process, your data can be lodged with Trustmark for retrofit and the Central Register for your EPC data.

Upon completing our 4-stage validation process, all of Linc’s collected data will be available to analyse and manage within Linc’s Lifespan Housing - Asset & Compliance Management Software account.

As Linc Cymru journeys towards the Welsh Government's targets of a minimum EPC C rating by 2030, Property Tectonics is proud to be working for them and with them to achieve these targets. Our relationship has been continually building and growing as we have worked with Linc for over 18 years now, and long may that continue.

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